Tuesday, 24 February 2015

ladybird felt keychain

Ladybird felt keychain in pink...
Waiting to fly
There are four of them

This is another version of my felt creation
Ladybird keychain in blue
My son said " mom, is there any real ladybird in blue colour?"
Actually i don't know.. Hihihi

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

pencil colour case

i love this!
a cute case for storing my kids' pencil colour.
i sew each line to put the pencil
and then they can roll them.
easy to keep.
cute to see and hold.
this one i choose green and black.

bantal hiasan felt

alhamdulillah i got my time to made another one pillow.
a simple decoration with the red base ( flannel)
and heart shape of a tree with a bird there.
black hearts...

#sometimes we feel left out
i'm here today!
want to share my pictures of pilllows i made on the last school holidays.
have fun working with felt.
i love the colours!
it's written "kau untukku" i quote from a malay novel title that i have read once i was in the university.

miss that time. :)

for this pillow i used black felt as the base.
and decorated it with heart shape also with felt.
combination of red polkadot poly felt and red plain felt.
i sew the lines with white thread.
looks like the heart is hanging...
from the one who hold it.. ?
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