Thursday, 23 January 2014

customized handmade felt pillow

my handmade pillow.
i'm so happy to finish this project this year as the first pillow project for 2014
this is ordered from my loyal customer;
my friend at my workplace.
thanks to her who was very understanding and waited for almost 3 months.
when i first uploaded the half-finished project, she told me that the number were wrong
so i need to fix them.
thats why the pillow in cream color,(right pic)
if u notice, the number were pasted with another felt red in colour and i wrote again the correct number on it.
sew, sew and put some glue to secure it.

i really enjoy sewing them and its really worth when she admire my hand touch.

polkadot cotton flower brooch

again. addicted to polkadot. and cotton. and handmade brooch.
waited for so long to find the pearl button accesories to put on the top centre of my brooch.
done! alhamdulillah...
its so cold at terengganu nowadays.
brrr... feeling fresh and energetic!


Thursday, 16 January 2014

cloth pantyliners

hi. assalamualaikum and morning.

i woke up with a great feeling today!
yes! i have succeed in my project of sewing my own cloth pantyliners!
it's not perfect.. erm but it really made my day.
i use my english cotton and japanese cotton collection that i usually use to make flower brooch or pencilcase as the cover. and inside of it i put my old tshirt knit cotton.
though i don't have the picture to post here, i googled up the other cloth pantyliners and will upload it to you.
k .. come and try make something! you'll love it. believe me.

~i handstiched them 100% because my sewing machine was "moody" yesterday.
this pic is taken from google.
not mine.

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